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The largest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe, with 71 tanks housing over 15,000 animals belonging to 400 species.Inaugurated in 1992 for the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World.

Its 27,000 square metres of exhibition space offer visitors the chance to take a trip through the seas of the world to admire dolphins, sharks, penguins, manatees and Antarctic animals: it is the only facility in Europe to house jellyfish, tropical fish, seals and much more, in environments that faithfully reproduce the natural habitats of the different species represented.


The 113 hectares historic centre  is one of the most extended medieval Historic Centre of Europe. It is a maze of alleys "caruggi" unexpectedly ending up in small squares. The Genoese spirit resides in these alleys, where different smells, flavours, languages and cultures have always been mixing together.  In these narrow spaces, between the hills and the sea, the pride of rich merchants and of noble Genoese families was expressed by building splendid residences, where many works of art were collected for centuries.

The historical centre was declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2006.


The ancient portual area was redesigned by Genoese archistar Renzo Piano in 1992 for the celebrations of the quincentenary of the discovery of America celebrations. 

The area became the citadel of entertainment and leisure time for locals and tourists. 

Not to be missed the panoramic lift " Bigo", the Biosfera and the Luzzati Museum, hosted inside the walls of the ancient Porta Siberia and dedicated to the Genoese scenographer.Moreover the Magazzini del Cotone complex represents an exceptional location for international conferences.


Olive oil, vegetables and aromatic herbs are the basis of the local cuisine, simple and balanced, whose most famous specialties are pesto 

and focaccia.

In any restaurant you can taste the stuffed vegetable pies, such as the torta pasqualina, the typical pansotti with walnut sauce and minestrone. Very famous in the local cuisine - the Farinata with chickpea flour cooked in a wood oven

Don't forget sea specialties: from ciuppin to the buridda, to the capponada, to the stoccafisso accomodato. Mixed fish fritters can also be tasted in the street food version, they are sold in paper rolls especially in Via Sottoripa. One of the most elaborate specialties is the cappon magro, a scenographic cold multi-layered fish salad.



A romantic inlet, famous small squares animated by its traditional aperitifs and luxurious restaurants, palaces and typicall Ligurian colourful houses attract tourists and visitors from around the world as well as famous members of the international jet-set who moor their yachts in the bay. A short distance away from Genoa, it is definitely worth a visit.


The Cinque Terre are renowned for their unique beauty, a series of picturesque villages featuring fishermen cottages nestled along the steep coastlines and in the Ligurian mountains. A panoramic walk through Mediterranean woods is the perfect way to discover the coastline’s natural inlets.

The villages can be easily reached by train, an hour and a half away from Genova, or by boat from the Porto Antico during the Summer.

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